Dry Ice Blasting Machines

Cold Jet® dry ice blasting machines and dry ice production systems for every application.

Cold Jet NE is proud to offer Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting equipment and Dry Ice Manufacturing systems throughout the Northeast United States. Cold Jet NE specializes in assisting companies and contractors, who want to add dry ice cleaning machines to their operation.

We have different types of dry ice blasting equipment available. First, we offer our bench-top dry ice blaster, the i3 MicroClean. The i3 MicroClean is capable of blasting up to 1.2 lbs. of dry ice per minute. Second, we have several mobile dry ice blasting machines to choose from. We offer the entire Cold Jet Aero Series lineup including the Aero 40, Aero 80, Aero C100 and Aero V. We can also provide the new SDI Select 60 dry ice blast machine by Cold Jet.

As a Cold Jet distributor, we are also proud to offer dry ice manufacturing equipment. We have the capability to provide you with dry ice pelletizers and dry ice reformers. Our dry ice pelletizers can be used to extrude many different pellet sizes of dry ice. Even better the extrusion dies can be changed very quickly for various pellet sizes. Our dry ice reformers are made to manufacture different sizes of dry ice pellets, nuggets and slices. Cold Jet dry ice reformers provide dry ice manufacturers with the flexibility to manufacture any dry ice shape and size.

To learn more about our Cold Jet dry ice cleaning equipment and dry ice manufacturing systems, please select a link below.