Management and employees share a common goal to exceed our customer’s quality standards through excellence in workmanship and adherence to work processes and controls.  We are committed to continuous improvement. All members of our team embrace the company’s core values, which include integrity and a commitment to excellence.

Quality Policies and Procedures

We affirm the following guidelines for our Quality Policies and Procedures:

  • Work processes and procedures are documented and updated on a regular basis.
  • Operators are trained in proper procedures and must meet demonstrated competencies before being qualified to run any process.
  • Process equipment is maintained at or above manufacturer’s recommended levels.
  • Calibration of critical control devices is conducted on a regular and timely basis.
  • Critical suppliers are inspected to ensure compliance with our quality standards and are recognized as partners in our quest for the highest quality.
  • Process standards for each customer application are developed, approved and recorded in a dedicated file.
  • Records of process runs are maintained in our files in order to document compliance with approved customer process profiles.
  • We utilize statistical sampling methods to validate production results when appropriate and conform to special requirements upon customer request.
  • All customer records and approved processes are secured with ”back up” records, either in hard copy and/or software.
  • Our company President is chiefly responsible for customer quality concerns and is actively involved in and committed to our drive for quality.
  • Customer satisfaction is tantamount to our mission and every team member is empowered to take appropriate steps to ensure that we meet our promises of best quality, highest reliability and complete customer satisfaction.