Power Generation Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting Generators & Turbines

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning, which is also known as CO2 Blast Cleaning, offers a safe, effective and fast way to complete maintenance of electric power generation equipment. Nitrofreeze offers dry ice blasting for HRSG cleaning as well. We have completed dry ice blasting projects for many power generation applications including generators, turbines, stators, rotors, compressors and HRSGs. Even better, the dry ice blasting process is non-conductive and environmentally responsible when compared to traditional cleaning methods. Dry ice blasting when incorporated into a maintenance schedule will reduce the chance of catastrophic failure, improve megohm readings, increase polarization indices and improve thermal dissipation.

Our power generation cleaning service utilizes dry ice blasting which cleans even in tight angles, allowing the equipment to be cleaned in-place. Outage time as a result of cleaning can be reduced up to 75%. In addition, dry ice blast cleaning of many turbine rotors can be completed in a day. Since the amount of time to clean is reduced significantly, the cost of cleaning is far less.

Below are pictures of a dry ice blast cleaning project we completed in October of 2010 on a jet turbine rotor and casing at the NAEA power station in West Springfield, MA.

Objective: Dry ice blast clean a jet turbine rotor and casing of contaminants and buildup before inspection. After inspection the turbine will be refurbished as required.

Photos of the jet turbine before dry ice blasting. The first is of the whole turbine and the second is of the rotor and half of the casing.

Photos of Seth and Ryan dry ice blasting the casing and rotor. The casing blades and rotor blades needed to be cleaned of contaminants.

Below are pictures of a dry ice blasting project we completed in March of 2010 on a generator stator for NRG in Cos Cob, CT.

Objective: Dry ice blast clean a damaged generator stator to remove carbon buildup, cracked paint and other contaminants before it was refurbished and brought back online.

Photos of the generator stator before dry ice blasting.

Photos of the generator stator after dry ice blasting.

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