July Discounts: A Great Time To Replace Your Cold Jet Accessories.


Looking for the latest and greatest in dry ice blast cleaning technology? Through the month of July, 2013 Cold Jet NE is offering 7.5% off on all Cold Jet accessories! That includes nozzles, blasting hoses, air hoses, applicators, maintenance items, spare parts, and more! We have accessories and parts available for the I3 Microclean, the SDI Select 60, and all of the Aero Series blasters (Aero 40 & 40 HP/Aero 80 & 80HP/Aero V/ Aero C100). If you don’t own a Cold Jet blaster, you don’t need to feel left out. Cold Jet NE offers each of the above blasters at an excellent price, with everything to get you started. This includes the system, blast hose, air hose, applicator, nozzle, and all the basic accessories. Cold Jet, LLC is a Loveland, Ohio based company and all of their products are made in the USA.

If you want the most powerful dry ice cleaning machines available today, along with the ability to clean with pressures of up to a whopping 300 PSI, give us a call. You’ll receive a free quote and consultation to learn how you can apply dry ice blasting in your facility!

Call (508)757-2300 or email Ryan Taylor today at rtaylor@nitrofreeze.com.