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Cryogenic Deburring for Medical Polysulphone Parts

Polysulphones (PSU) are a group of high-performance thermoplastics that provide toughness and stability at high temperatures. They are available in medical grades and can withstand repeated cleaning with disinfecting chemicals. With their very low rate of water absorption, medical PSUs can also withstand superheated steam. In addition, these engineering polymers provide excellent resistance to high-energy […]

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crosshole deburring

Crosshole Deburring with Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Technology

Crosshole deburring with Nitrofreeze® cryogenic technology removes burrs from cross-drilled holes. Unlike hand deburring, this is an automatic process that provides consistent, repeatable, and reliable results. It also has advantages over CNC deburring as well as vibratory and tumbling methods for burr removal.

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