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Deburring Plastic Parts | Cryogenic Deburring - White Delrin Gear

Deburring Plastic Parts Without Hand Tools

Manual deburring is a time-consuming and labor-intensive way to remove burrs from machined plastic parts. At a time when good workers are hard to find, hand deburring is also an inefficient way to deploy labor resources. The use of hand trimmers, deburring blades, rotary deburring tools, and wire brushes can also contribute to worker fatigue […]

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precision aerospace parts deburring

Precision Aerospace Parts Deburring

Precision aerospace parts need to meet critical tolerances that are sometimes measured in thousands of an inch. These machined parts also need a surface finish that’s free from burrs, raised areas that are created by operations such as drilling, milling, and turning. If aerospace burrs aren’t removed completely, problems with parts mating, seating, and sealing […]

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blind hole deburring 1

Blind Hole Deburring with Nitrofreeze® Cryogenic Technology

Blind holes are machined openings that do not pass through the entire workpiece. They are drilled, milled or reamed to a specific depth but without breaking through to the other side. If a blind hole requires reaming, it’s important to leave some extra room at the bottom for chips. With tapped holes, this extra amount […]

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medical polysulphone parts | cryogenic deburring

Cryogenic Deburring for Medical Polysulphone Parts

Polysulphones (PSU) are a group of high-performance thermoplastics that provide toughness and stability at high temperatures. They are available in medical grades and can withstand repeated cleaning with disinfecting chemicals. With their very low rate of water absorption, medical PSUs can also withstand superheated steam. In addition, these engineering polymers provide excellent resistance to high-energy […]

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