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Carbon, Retained Austenite, and Cryogenic Treatment

All heat treated steels have a certain percentage of retained austenite after heat treatment has been completed. The goal of heat treatment is to convert as much austenite into martensite. Ultimately, martensite is the most desirable crystal form as it is the toughest and strongest form. However, heat treatment does not remove all of the […]

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Cryogenic Material Recovery

A few weeks before Christmas, we completed a job for a Worcester-based company using our cryogenic material recovery service. Our customer manufactures and sells safety devices with a very special purpose. These particular parts are used to save someone from drowning after he or she falls through thin ice. The person simply needs to slam […]

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Outsource Your Deflashing and Deburring Needs

  Since 2002, the Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. has provided cryogenic deflashing and cryogenic deburring services. We provide deflashing and deburring solutions for manufacturers of plastic, rubber and silicone parts. In recent times, we have seen a move away from doing this type of work in-house at manufacturing facilities. As more manufacturers streamline […]

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