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cryogenic deflashing glass-filled nylon molded parts

Cryogenic Deflashing Glass-Filled Nylon Parts

Glass-Filled Nylon Deflashing Introduction Glass-filled nylon, also known as glass-reinforced nylon or nylon composite, is a type of engineering thermoplastic that is reinforced with glass fibers. It is created by incorporating short or long glass fibers into a nylon polymer matrix during the manufacturing process. The addition of glass fibers enhances the mechanical properties of […]

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Deflashing molded plastic clip

Deflashing Glass-Filled Nylon Parts with Nitrofreeze® Technology

Glass-filled nylon parts are injection molded into precise shapes for industrial, medical, electronic, automotive, and aerospace applications. Nylon, a generic name for a category of synthetic polymers, support the production of strong, durable parts; however, nylon typically has poor resistance to heat and ultraviolet (UV) light. The addition of glass fibers to nylon improves these […]

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