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The 5 T’s of Cryogenic Deburring Machined Parts

The Cryogenic Deburring Process Cryogenic Deburring is a process designed to remove machining burrs created during the machining process. Machining burrs can be found on CNC machined parts along surfaces that are manufactured from material stock. In order for machined parts to complete their desired function, the residual machining burrs need to be removed. Nitrofreeze® […]

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Nitrofreeze® Proof of Concept Case Study- Deburring Turcite®

Nitrofreeze® Proof of Concept Case Study- Deburring Turcite® Our Cryogenic Deflashing and Deburring process adds value while reducing costs to customers by eliminating the need for hand trimming. Highlighted below is an actual customer part that has successfully undergone the Nitrofreeze® process. Material : Turcite® Description : Threaded power nut Area for Concern : External threads specifically termination […]

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